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Car Charger, 1C Port 27W Power Delivery

    Car Charger, 1C Port 27W Power Delivery

    High-speed USB-C Charging Solution

    Charge your USB-C equipped devices while you’re on the go with this powerful, single-port charger. The high-speed, future-proof design is compatible with large and small accessories, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and hard drives.


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High-speed USB-C Charging Solution

Single-port USB-C charger with PD

  • Charge from a car's 12V outlet

    The compact charger plugs into a car's 12V outlet, and connects to your device for easy and convenient charging on the road.

  • Power indicator light shows when powered

    Power indicator light shows that the charger has power going to it and is ready to charge

  • USB-C port with Power Delivery support

    USB-C is the latet charging connector which is now adopted by mobile devices such as cell phones, outdoor cameras and tablets. PD (Power delivery) is the USB standard for power delivery which defines the standard for power delivery of 15W, 27W, 45W and up to 100W.

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