Audio & video

Technical Specifications

  • Convenience

    Ease of Installation
    Plug & Play
  • Dimensions

    Product weight
    0.06  kg
    Product dimensions (WxDxH)
    168 x 47 x 165 mm
  • Accessories

    Included accessories
    • 3D transmitter*
    • Quick start guide
    • Warranty Leaflet
    • TV software update (USB)
  • Related Products

    Compatible with
    • 46PFL9705
    • 40PFL9705
    • 52PFL8605
    • 46PFL8685
    • 46PFL8605
    • 40PFL8605
    • 40PFL9605D
    • 40PFL9715
    • 46PFL9715
  • 3D System Requirements

    • To enjoy 3D TV you need:
    • 3D Ready Philips TV
    • Active 3D Glasses
    • 3D Transmitter*
    • 3D movie, game or broadcast
    Compatible Philips TV
    See list in related products
    3D Source device
    • 3D capable BluRay player
    • or 3D capable Game Console
    • or 3D capable Set-top box
    3D Source material
    • Supported standards:
    • "Frame Packing"
    • "Side by Side"
    • "Top Bottom"
    • resolution up to 1920x1080p

What's in the box?

All items in the box

Other items in the box

  • 3D transmitter*,
  • Quick start guide,
  • Warranty Leaflet,
  • TV software update (USB).

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