Portable Speaker System

    Portable Speaker System

    Portable & powerful

    Play extra powerful, rich sound to thrill your friends - these speakers come with their own power pack to amplify the music, which also neatly clips together with the speakers for true compact portability. Take them anywhere.


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Portable & powerful

Boost your music

  • Boost your music with the integrated amplifier

    To get more enjoyment from your music, with extra powerful sound, deeper bass and higher highs. These speakers include a powerful amplifier to create stunning, rich sound.

  • Powerful speaker drivers for ultra realistic sound

    Powerful speaker drivers produce ultra realistic sound, totally immersing you in the game.

  • Bass pipe emphasizes low tones for a clear, realistic sound

    Thanks to an acoustically-tuned air channel that turbo-charges the bass notes, you enjoy fantastic realism and a truly involved listening experience.

  • Wide stereo sound stage when speakers placed apart.

    These portable speakers create a natural stereo sound stage when they are a placed apart, this gives the impression that each musical instrument occupies a different physical space. The effect is more realistic and more enjoyable.

  • Small and lightweight for carrying in your pocket or bag

    Small and lightweight you'll hardly notice it's with you. Pop it in your pocket or bag and take it anywhere.

  • Universal use with all portable entertainment equipment

    Universal use with all portable entertainment equipment. Simply connect using the 3.5mm plug.

  • Amplifier protects and stores the speakers and cables

    An all-in-one design that neatly secures & protects both audio cables & speakers preventing damage and reducing unnecessary wear

  • Plug & play with all portable music devices

    The 'plug & play' feature saves you time because you simply connect the speakers to the portable audio player as you would normally connect the headphones, by using the jack plug.

  • Works with or without batteries for extra convenience

    These portable speakers use either their own batteries or the portable audio player's output signal. This gives you extra convenience - no batteries no longer means no sound.

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