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    Enjoy true 1.3 megapixels videos and enhanced 8 megapixels photos with great sound, 5x digital zoom, instant YouTube upload and a wide-angle lens for more people in the frame. The joint rotates easily so you can aim wherever you want.

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Party go live!

  • Camera head folds to front for easy storage

    Camera head folds to front for easy storage
  • True 1.3 megapixels resolution for superb image quality

    You won't miss any details with true 1.3 megapixels video resolution. Superb, high-quality moving images for easy-on-the-eye webcamming.

  • Enhanced 8 megapixels for greater photo clarity

    Your webcam gives you more detail with 8 megapixels (software enhanced) resolution photos. This is enough for printing poster-sized images in high resolution.

  • Wide angle lens allows more people in frame

    The high quality wide-angle glass lens gives you a larger field of view. The wide-angle lens operates in the same way as a wide-angle photography lens and it gets more people in the video frame without any loss in video quality.

  • Instant video upload for YouTube

    Stay close to your friends and family by sharing your latest videos on YouTube. Just create a personal video with your webcam and use a single application to upload it to YouTube in 3 easy steps. Double click to select the video, enter your YouTube username and password, then enter the subject and description of the video (if any) and click 'Upload'.

  • 5x digital zoom for superb close-ups

    Zoom in and out to get the perfect framing for any image. You control the zoom entirely via the onscreen interface while you're looking at the image so you can adjust it perfectly.

  • Never miss a smile with face tracking

    The state-of-the-art camera software automatically detects your face and moves the lens to follow you as you move. You can stay in the center of the screen even if you move during a video chat. It gives you the freedom to express yourself and converse naturally.

  • Natural video with 60 frames per second

    Create natural-looking, full motion video at 60 frames per second. It's ideal for video-chatting with friends or high-quality video recording.

  • Built-in directional microphone gives high quality sound

    The directional microphone focuses on your voice so you can talk naturally and don't have to move closer to the microphone to be heard. This automatically cuts down on background noise and gives a more natural sound.

  • Noise reduction enhances clarity of speech

    This superb noise reduction technology reduces background noise and it enhances clarity of speech in both quiet and noisy environments.

  • Rotating joint lets you aim wherever you want

    Enjoy easy webcamming freedom with this handy pivot joint design. Just turn the camera 360° in any direction to film anywhere you want without moving the webcam at all.

  • Universal clamp for desktop, notebook or screen

    The universal clamp makes it easy to sit or mount the webcam securely on top of any desktop computer, notebook and also LCD screen. The design is especially secure and the webcam won't move or fall when you're in the middle of a conversation.

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