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Universal remote control

    Universal remote control

    Advanced DVD and satellite

    4-Device universal remote controls TV, VCR, DVD and satellite or cable. Offers advanced DVD and satellite features plus Picture-in-Picture and sleep timer. Easy to program and use.

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Advanced DVD and satellite

functions in an easy design.

  • Advanced PIP with toggles for ease of use

    Allows you to switch back and forth between two channels from two different tuners.

  • Easy access to subtitle, zoom and repeat function

    Enjoy complete access to your DVD features: view subtitles, and repeat scenes at the touch of a button.

  • Convenient backlighting

    Gentle illumination at the touch of a glow key allows easy operation in the dark.

  • Convenient sleep timer

    Programmable to shut off the TV anywhere from 1 to 99 minutes. Will act as a sleep timer for any TV with or without a sleep timer.

  • Volume/Mute punch through for ease of use

    Eliminates the need to switch back to TV mode to control volume and mute functions

  • Chapter +/- and chapter scan for ease of use

    Easily locate and scan the succeeding or preceding chapters on a disc at the touch of a button.

  • Closed caption for ease of use

    Conveniently displays program dialogue as on-screen text. It will only work with TVs equipped for closed captioning.

  • Guide, info/select, quit, OK and scroll

    Enjoy all your satellite system has to offer. Features allow you to access on-screen satellite channel guide, info, select/OK , quit, and scroll to easily navigate through the guide.

  • Easy keypad design for ease of use

    Convenient ergonomic access to all features and functions of the remote control makes it easy to access and operate.

  • Input choices

    Allows you to select from available viewing sources

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