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    Simplify favorite channels

    Icon design allows you to customize programming by user or by viewing category. 10 Device remote controls TV, DVD, VCR, satellite, cable, audio, DVR and more. Offers advanced DVD, DVR and satellite functionality. See all benefits

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Simplify favorite channels

1 touch icons change favorite channels

  • Control multiple devices with a single touch

    Control multiple devices with a single touch

    One-touch control allows you to perform multiple commands with one press of a button via a macro. A macro combines a string of pre-programmed commands under one single button. Therefore, it simply takes one button press to execute a series of functions.

  • 3.8 x 5.1 cm (1.5" x 2") TFT screen

    Conveniently call up and view favorite channel icons

  • Favorite channel icons

    Enjoy viewing favorite channel logos onscreen.

  • Label your own buttons

    Name the channel yourself or use one of the favorite icons

  • Kid safe

    Allows children to choose and watch only selected channels. Locks them out of essential programming functions.

  • Easy access to subtitle, zoom and repeat function

    Enjoy complete access to your DVD features: view subtitles, and repeat scenes at the touch of a button.

  • Chapter +/- and chapter scan for ease of use

    Easily locate and scan the succeeding or preceding chapters on a disc at the touch of a button.

  • Guide, info/select, quit, OK and scroll

    Enjoy all your satellite system has to offer. Features allow you to access on-screen satellite channel guide, info, select/OK , quit, and scroll to easily navigate through the guide.

  • Easy keypad design for ease of use

    Convenient ergonomic access to all features and functions of the remote control makes it easy to access and operate.

  • Convenient IR learning from another remote

    Learning functionality refers to the process through which a remote control captures and stores infrared signals from other remotes for later use. When device codes are not included in the on-board database, they can always be learned from the original remote, simply by pointing to it.

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