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Angie Uhlmeyer
National customer advocate for the East Zone, healthy living devotee, neat freak 

Angela Uhlmeyer

Regional area: Atlanta

Works on a team of 6 customer advocates

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19+ years at Philips

years at Philips

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years in customer service

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reason I love Philips is the people



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Earned a BA in Communications
“It was a huge milestone because I was able to start my professional life.”

 '90s - '00's

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Found my calling
“I worked in sales and marketing for a few years and realized that, with my personality and skill set, a customer service role was a better fit for me.”


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Customer logistics manager at Philips Consumer Lifestyle
“I worked closely with Sales and Supply to accurately forecast and meet our customer’s demands.”
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Won President’s Club award
“I was able to go to Grand Cayman for an amazing vacation.”

 '00's - '10s

'00s Sales logistics icon
Sales logistics and allocation manager, Funai Electric
“I was promoted and managed a team of Sales Logistics Specialists that were responsible for achieving customer satisfaction of Philips consumer products.”

 '10s – present

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National customer advocate
“I work behind the scenes to make sure everyone at Philips crosses off action items to resolve a customer’s imaging issue.”

“I’m not a shy person. I’m not obnoxious either – I just read people well and have an ability to build relationships with them."


—Angela Uhlmeyer


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People skills

“What’s helped me in my career is my ability to build relationships with our engineers and co-workers in sales, finance and legal to help me resolve issues and ultimately improve the customer’s experience.”
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“I am obsessed with giving great customer service. Our motto is to deliver ‘BMW-level service.’ I talk to my team about what that means a lot and they really relate to it.”

Words that describe me best

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What inspires me


I get excited when I help internal teams get resolution on solving a customer’s issue. I like connecting the dots, bridging gaps and streamlining processes. 

Proudest personal moment

Secret to my success

I put myself in customers’ shoes. It’s about making sure their issues get resolved. At the end of the day, I’m extremely passionate about customer service, and I want to make things easier for customers so they love Philips as much as I do.
Proudest professional moment

Proudest professional moment

In 2006, I won an award for the support I provided to my team and colleagues. I was extremely proud because providing excellent customer service is a priority for me, and my work was acknowledged by the company.
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Industry insight

It’s important to improve the customer’s experience. We send surveys after a case to evaluate our performance. If we get below a certain rating, we connect within two hours to see what we can do.

Customer connection 


“Even though I’m like the internal process police, I do it in a nice way. My co-workers are like my family. We get down to business, but I get to know them too, and there’s always that personal element.”

— Angela Uhlmeyer

“I cannot say enough about the exceptional support that Angie provides. Thanks to her leadership and tenacious approach, we have seen tremendous improvement in our performance, which has a direct positive impact on our customers and the patients they serve!”

— Lance Tressler, director, East Zone Customer Support

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