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Grind your favorite coffee beans

Simplicity is to offer coffee lovers a complete experience of flavor and aroma in every fresh, just ground cup of coffee, regardless you have an espresso machine, a drip, a moka or a French press.

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Product features

  • Flat metal burrs to ensure fast and precise grinding

    The burrs regulate the ground size allowing a more consistent and fast grinding.

  • Ground coffee container with anti-static feature

    The anti-static feature of the coffee ground container ensures minimal dust and mess. One of the most neglected aspects is the coffee dust that flies around the kitchen whenever you grind your coffee. Thanks to this feature you will have less mess to clean up!

  • Easily adjustable grind selection

    The easy adjustable grind selection from fine to coarse in 17 steps , makes this grinder the right appliance to offer you a complete experience of flavor and aroma regardless you have an espresso machine, a drip , a moka or a French press.

  • Dishwasher safe ground coffee container

    To always keep your ground coffee container clean by simply introducing it into the dishwasher

  • Stylish and compact design to perfectly fit in any kitchen

    Compact in design, stylish and elegant this new burr grinder perfectly fits in any kitchen.

  • Family feeling with the Poemia range

    This compact and stylish burrgrinder perfectly fits to the Poemia design. Nice to have it close to your appliance!

  • Stainless Steel finishing

    Stainless steel finishing for your TOP grinder version.

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