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    The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3300 lets you create any facial or hairstyle you want. The all-in-one tool includes a full-size trimmer, detail trimmer, adjustable beard and stubble combs, nose trimmer, plus a hair clipping comb.

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    Product features

    • Full-sized trimmer for neck line, sideburns and chin

      Maintain your style, get clean, sharp lines around the edge of your beard, or create perfect stubble with the full-sized trimmer.

    • 21mm detail trimmer for fine lines, small areas and details

      Create the fine lines and details that define your style with the 21mm precision trimmer.

    • Nosetrimmer: Comfortably remove unwanted hairs

      Easily and comfortably remove unwanted hairs from your ears and nose with this clip-on rotary trimmer.

    • 18 length setting hair-clipping comb

      Keep your hair neat and styled at the length you prefer by selecting between 18 different length settings on the hair-clipping comb, in 3/20"/ 1mm steps.

    • Fully water resistant for easy cleaning

      Easy to clean by simply rinsing this groomer under the tap.

    • 35 minutes of cordless use after 10 -hour charge.

      Get 35 minutes of cordless use after every 10-hours charge.

    • Skin-friendly, high performance trimmer blades

      Guaranteed best results with precision heat-treated blades made of finely ground Chromium steel.Self-sharpening blades ensure long-lasting performance while rounded blade tips and combs prevent skin irritation.

    • 18 length setting beard comb

      Keep your beard at the length you prefer. Choose from 18 length settings in 1mm steps (1-18mm) by using the beard & moustache comb on the full-sized trimmer.

    • 12 length setting stubble comb

      Create stylish stubble or a 3-day beard with the detachable, precision stubble comb featuring length settings from 1-12mm.

    Eco passport - Our environmental product specifications overview

    Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

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