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Fast and safe warming without hot spots

The fast, safe way to warm expressed milk and baby food, the Philips AVENT Electric feeding bottle and Baby Food Warmer warms 125ml/4oz milk at room temperature in around 4 minutes.

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Product features

  • Just add water and select setting

    With the Philips AVENT Electric Baby food and Bottle Warmer preparing for feeding is quick and hassle-free. Just add water and select the setting. The baby bottle warmer warms 125ml / 4oz of milk at room temperature in around 4 minutes

  • No hot spots so safe for baby

    The Philips AVENT Electric Bottle and Baby Food Warmer provides you with a safe way to prepare your baby's feed. It heats the feed gently and evenly, ensuring that there are no hot spots.

  • Fits all AVENT Bottles, Magic Cups and food jars

* Bottle not included with this product

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