Philips proven enterprise partnership
methodology and approach

As your enterprise partner for technology excellence and care innovation, we follow an end-to-end approach, organizing solution capabilities around your specific needs. Our global team brings a range of expertise in all facets of healthcare, from clinical expertise and design, to data analytics, operations management and innovation. We draw upon the diverse skills and experience of our people and partners to solve the unique challenges your organization faces.



Learn about the Philips enterprise partnership process.

There are four main elements to our proven partnership approach and methodology

Partnership Elements
Aligned vision and goals

Aligned vision and goals

An enterprise partnership begins with the challenges and transformation needs of our provider partner. While their immediate need to transform is often driven by reimbursement changes, demographic trends and competitive pressures, the longer-term goals of care redesign, population health management, and remote access/virtualized care programs are prominent in most organizations’ plans. 


  • Needs assessment, often involving significant data collection and analysis
  • Goal alignment and scope creation
  • Financial model design
Strategic planning

Strategic planning

A phased and detailed roadmap is developed to establish key targets and milestones, align resources and capabilities and outline a framework for monitoring and measuring success.

  • Technology management plan and transformation framework
  • Governance model and resourcing plan
  • Key performance metrics and benchmarks
Operational excellence

Operational excellence

We operate with shared commitment and accountability to efficiency, quality, and measurable value creation.

  • Operations and program management
  • Joint governance structure and ways of working
  • Data and analysis to guide decision-making (operational and clinical)
  • Education, consulting, and integration services
  • Predictable and flexible payment structure
Innovation and improvement

Innovation and continuous improvement

We monitor, measure, analyze and report on progress, adjusting and continually optimizing existing systems and programs. But we don’t stop there. Philips is wholly dedicated to finding ways to leverage advanced technology, coupled with deep clinical and consumer insights, to deliver new, integrated solutions that improve people’s health across the health continuum.


  • Ongoing monitoring of metrics and accountability targets
  • Comprehensive program dashboard
  • Performance improvement methodologies
  • Care facilitation analysis and redesign
  • Innovation programs 
  • Co-innovation pilots and venturing
  • Evidence-driven decision-making
  • Population health management

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