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    pasta maker cookie recipe masthead

    Pasta Maker Cookie Recipe

    Cake flour

    Powdered Sugar

    Melted butter*


    Extracts and flavoring**

    Original low fat cookies




    1 (about 45g)


    Flavored low fat cookies




    1 (about 45g)


    The Philips Pasta Maker can do more than make pasta, try this cookie recipe and let the pasta maker do the work for you!

    Avance Cookie
    Avance Pasta Maker
    Star Cookie


    • 1. Put flour, powdered sugar, extracts and flavoring into the chamber, and close the lid.
    • 2. Weigh the butter, and melt it. Melted butter can be replaced with cooking oil or the mixture of butter and cooking oil.
    • 3. Put an egg into the melted butter (or cooking oil), and mix well.
    • 4. Choose program 1, and press start.
    • 5. When the mixing starts, pour the melted butter (or cooking oil) into the chamber through the slot on the lid.
    • 6. Cookie dough will be extruded after a few minutes. Cut the dough into your desired length. The dough may come out fast in the beginning, you can press pause to control the speed.
    • 7. If you use shaping disc B, you can use the cookie cutters for fancy shapes.
    • 8. Preheat the oven to 350 °F, and bake the cookies for about 10 minutes. If you are using a Philips Airfryer, set the temperature at 350 °F and bake for 7-8 minutes.
    Pasta Maker Cookie Recipe



    • The recipes provided in this package have been tested for success. If you experiment with other recipes, keep the flour and liquid ratio at about 100:40. Flour refers to cake flour, sugar powder, extracts and flavoring*. Liquid refers to melted butter/cooking oil, water and egg.
    • Always use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar.
    • Egg is essential.
    • Please do not put small solid ingredients (e.g. Chocolate chips, nuts chips, raisins) into the chamber, instead you can put them on the cookie surface after extrusion.

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