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    Salmon with pesto and roasted tomatoes

    Make this delicious, brightly colored pasta with salmon and shrimps in the Airfryer.

    Servings 4 persons
    Main courses
    0-30 minutes


    • 4 salmon steaks
    • 4 tablespoons pesto
    • 400 g (colored) pasta
    • 8 large prawns
    • 250 g cherry tomatoes
    • 1 lemon
    • Olive oil
    • Fresh thyme


    • Boil the water for the pasta and add some salt. Add the pasta when the water boils.
    • Meanwhile, take an ovenproof dish that fits in your Airfryer and coat with one tablespoon of pesto. Place the slices of salmon in the dish and spread on the rest of the pesto. Pour on two tablespoons of olive oil. Halve the tomatoes and put them with the salmon.
    • Place the prawns on the salmon, drizzle with lemon juice and grill at 200 degrees for 8 minutes. Drain the pasta and serve with the salmon and prawns. Enjoy!
    Salmon with pesto and roasted tomatoes