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    Sonicare toothbrush heads delivered for less

    Starting from $7.99 / 3 months

    New brush head
    every 3 months

    heads delivered 
    for less

    Starting from
    $7.99 / 3 months

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    Designed for the best results

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    from teeth whitening, healthier gums to plaque removal.
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    Delivered 3 months

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    Satisfaction guaranteed

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    Replacing toothbrush

    Why replace toothbrush heads every 3 months?

    Toothbrush heads begin to lose their ability to clean your teeth, consistently, after 3 months of brushing. By using it longer, you increase your risk of plaque buildup and gum irritation.

    Recommended by just about everyone

    "I always recommend Sonicare to all my patients because I know that it provides excellent results even without a perfect brushing technique. It really brightens their smile."

    Dr. Peter Woods
    Recommend 1

    “The toothbrush makes it possible to reach difficult areas and can therefore remove dental plaque without any difficulty.”

    Recommend 2

    “I can say my teeth have never felt that clean after using an electronic toothbrush!”      

    Recommend 3

    “Sonicare has made a huge difference in the look and feel of my smile.”

    Recommend 4

    “After my first time using the toothbrush I felt like I had just gotten a professional cleaning at the dentist."

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