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    SCF671/37 Philips Avent Natural glass baby bottle
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    Philips Avent Natural glass baby bottle


    How to clean and sterilize the Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle

    Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle is made of a glass, commonly referred to as Pyrex. It provides an increase resistance to scratches and thermal shock, allowing you to sterilize/warm up your glass baby bottle.

    Always clean and sterilize your Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle after each use. Follow these instructions on how to clean and sterilize.

    Clean your Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle

    Using your sink:

    1. Disassemble the bottle and nipple
    2. Clean all parts with a soft brush (only use a mild washing soap)

    Using your dishwasher

    1. Disassemble the bottle and nipple
    2. Clean all parts on the top rack of your dishwasher (only use a mild washing soap or tablet)

    Sterilize your Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle

    After sterilizing, it is important that you wait for your glass baby bottle to cool down. As glass retains heat, it can be too hot to touch within the first minutes after the sterilizing cycle has ended. Avoid cooling down a warm/hot glass baby bottle with cold water as it might not evenly cool the bottle. Instead, we highly recommend cooling it down on your countertop or our Philips Avent Drying Rack SCF149/00.

    • Thoroughly clean your Philips Avent Natural glass bottle before sterilizing it free of any leftover milk or formula
    • For instructions on the sterilizing cycles of your Philips Avent sterilizer, including cool-down times, please refer to the User Manual of your sterilizer

    Using a Philips Avent sterilizer:

     1. Put 5 natural bottles instead of 6 into your sterilizer 
     2. Make sure that the parts do not touch each other. This prevents deformation and damage.
     3. In case you will boil your bottles, please do not put a cold bottle into hot water. Put the bottle in cold water, and let it boil from the start. 
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