Avent Spout Cup

My sip n click cup, 12oz/340ml, 12m+, 1-pack SCF555/13

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Philips Avent cups compatible with other Avent products?

All Philips Avent bottles and cups are compatible with each other. Except for the Avent glass bottles and Avent Grown up cup. Find out more.

Mix and match Philips Avent bottles and cups

Mix and match all Avent bottle and cup parts to create a product that works best for your little one. See the image below for all bottles and cups that you can mix and match with each other.

NOTE: The following bottles and cups are not compatible with each other or other Philips Avent products:

  • Avent Glass bottles
  • Avent Grown up cups
Compatible Avent range

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF555/13 , SCF555/23 , SCF555/15 , SCF551/00 , SCF553/25 , SCF553/23 , SCF553/22 , SCF551/22 , SCF553/00 , SCF553/01 . more less


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