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    Avent Single electric breast pump

    Pump anytime, anywhere, Includes soft massage cushion, Large cushion with extra power, Natural bottle and nipple SCF332/21

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I convert my Avent electric breast pump into a manual one?

    Your Philips Avent electric breast pump uses a lot of similar parts as the manual breast pump. Find out how to convert one into another.

    Order parts online

    You can easily convert your Philips Avent electric breast pump into a manual breast pump. In order to do so, you need 2 parts. A handle (CP9282) and a diaphragm and stem (CP9823). You can order these accessories at the Philips online shop.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF332/21 , SCF334/22 , SCF334/23 , SCF334/25 , SCF334/26 , SCF334/16 , SCF334/13 , SCF334/15 , SCF334/14 , SCF332/11 , SCF334/12 , SCF332/01 , SCF334/04 , SCF334/02 , SCF334/03 . more less

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