Sonicare UV Brush Head Sanitizer


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any harm in using an un-sanitised toothbrush?

We will explain whether there is any harm when you are not using a Sanitiser.

Insufficient clinical evidence

The American Dental Association's website indicates that there is insufficient clinical evidence to support concern that bacterial growth on toothbrushes will lead to specific adverse oral or systemic health effects.

With that in mind, what is the real need for a power toothbrush head Sanitiser

The oral cavity harbours hundreds of different types of microorganisms (germs), some of which are transferred to a toothbrush during use. Microorganisms in the environment may also camp on a toothbrush. Sanitisation and storage of brush heads in between uses with the Philips Sonicare UV Sanitiser should reassure concerned users that they are optimising their oral hygiene regiment for improved oral health.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX7990/02 .

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