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    Beardtrimmer series 5000 Beard and stubble trimmer

    One pass even trim, 40 adjustable lengths, DualCut 2x the steel blades, Lithium-ion 90 minute run time BT5511/49


    How do I change the length settings of my Philips Groomer?

    Your Philips Groomer may come with different trimming combs and attachments. Find out here how to adjust the length settings when using these attachments.

    Click-on combs

    If your groomer comes with multiple click-on combs, you can use these to get the desired hair length. The numbers on the combs indicate the length of the remaining hair after trimming. Attach the comb suitable for the beard trimming length you want to keep and start grooming.

    Trimming combs Philips Groomer

    Adjustable comb

    Some combs are adjustable. These have a slide beneath them with different numbers or settings that correspond to the remaining hair length you will have after trimming your hair or beard. You can slide the button from left to right, to select the desired hair length you want to keep.

    Adjustable comb Philips Groomer

    Zoom wheel

    Some Philips Groomers come with a rotating button on their body, also called the zoom wheel. You can slide the wheel to match the length setting indicated on the handle.

    Some models have a two-leveled length setting. In these models, the top color refers to short length settings and the bottom for longer lengths. Always make sure you have attached the right comb for your desired length settings.

    Zoom wheel Philips Groomer

    Push & Slide

    Your Philips Groomer may have a different kind of sliding button to adjust length settings. For these models, you may find the button on the handle of the device or on the comb itself. To change the settings just push the button and then slide it up or down.

    You may refer to your user manual for detailed instructions or contact us.

    Philips Groomer length settings

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BT5511/49 , BT7225/49 , BT7215/49 , BT5210/42 , QT4018/49 , QT4008/49 , QG3390/49 , QG3364/49 , QG3331/49 , QG3330/49 , QG3392/45 , QG3390/42 , QG3331/60 , QG3330/60 , HC7452/41 , QG3384/42 , BT5275/41 , BT9285/41 , HC5442/40 , HC7452/40 , CC5059/60 , QG3364/42 , BT9295/41 , QG3331/42 , QG3360/42 , QT4014/42 , QT4000/42 , QG3380/42 , XA4003/42 , QG3330/42 , QT4019/40 , QS6140/41 , QS6160/41 , QT4010/40 , QT4022/41 , QG3250/32 , QG3280/41 , QG3270/41 , QG3270/32 , QG3260/41 , HQ1072/01 , QG1088/01 , QG1087/01 , QC5339/15 , QC5350/80 , QC5345/40 , QC5345/15 , QC5340/40 , QC5510/65 , QC5550/40 , QC5550/15 , QC5530/40 , QC5530/15 , QC5330/15 , QT4022/32 , QT4050/32 , QT4070/41 , QT4070/32 , QT4050/41 , QC5130/40 , G370/65 , QG3050/20 , G370/60 , QT4021/63 , QC5170/60 , CC5060/60 , QC5055/60 , G485/30 , G470/30 , G480/30 , QG3190/00 , G380/60 , QC5050/00 . more less

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