Wake-up Light

Dusk simulation HF3480/01


My Philips Wake-up Light flashes

If your Philips Wake-up Light flashes, please check the following.

Power failure

Perhaps there has been a power failure. It is normal for the lamp to flash after a power failure.


The Wake-up Light may not be suitable for the
voltage to which it is connected. Make sure that the voltage indicated on the Wake-up Light corresponds with the local mains voltage.

Light intensity

In some cases, the lamp flashes when you set the light intensity to level 20. This flashing is caused by small disturbances in the electricity network. If the lamp flashes at light intensity level 20, reduce the intensity to level 19 or 18.

The probelm persists

If the lamp still flashes at these lower levels or stops working after flashing, please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HF3480/01 , HF3480/60 , HF3490/60 .

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