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Frequently Asked Questions

For what reason is the Philips Treatment App / Back Pain Diary App requesting permission to my data when I want to install it with Android?

The operating system of your mobile device may require access to data as a technical precondition to enable several functionalities.

Access to data

  • Bluetooth connection information: This is requested to know if Bluetooth is on/off and to connect & communicate with the Pain relief devices.
  • Location information: This is requested as a technical precondition to enable Bluetooth connectivity, however Philips will not use Location Data for this purpose. In the Support section of the app this is used to enable the option ‘Find Philips near you’.
  • Your device and app history: This is requested to know whether the app is running in the foreground or background. It enables doing a treatment while performing other tasks on your mobile device.
  • Your photos, media and files: The Support section (Consumer Care module) of the app picks up media files containing product information from a server and temporarily stores these on your phone. In order to show this information in the app it needs to read these temporary media files.
  • Your WiFi connection information: This is requested to open URLs from the app, such as the product registration page.

We do not collect personal data without first informing you about how we use your data. Before we collect sensitive data we always ask explicit consent. For more information please refer to the Privacy Notice in the app store, in the App or at http://www.philips.com/c-w/privacy-policy/Treatment-App-privacy-notice.html

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3841/00 .

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