Viva Collection Airfryer

TurboStar, Low fat fryer, Red, 1400W, 0.8kg HD9621/66

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place my Philips Airfryer pan on the worktop?

Yes you can place your Philips Airfryer on the worktop, as it has rubber feet that prevent the hot metal pan from touching the worktop directly.


If your worktop is made of a heat-sensitive material, such as laminated wood, we advise you to put the Airfryer on a coaster.
If your worktop is made of a heat-resistant material, such as marble or metal, you can put the pan directly on the worktop.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9621/66 , HD9220/06 , HD9220/58 , HD9220/28 , HD9641/26 , HD9641/96 , HD9641/66 , HD9641/56 , HD9621/26 , HD9622/96 , HD9622/36 , HD9622/26 , HD9621/96 , HD9220/66 , HD9238/52 , HD9238/22 , HD9240/34 , HD9240/94 , HD9230/56 , HD9230/26 , HD9220/56 , HD9220/26 . more less

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