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    5.1cm (2") Plates Straightener HP4667/05


    My Philips straightener does not make my hair straight

    If you are not happy with the results of your Philips Hair Straightener, please follow our troubleshooting advice below to solve this issue yourself.

    Styling too much hair

    It could be that you are taking a thick hair section to straighten. This will affect the quality of straightening, and you may need to repeat the process a few times.
    Try taking a small section of hair, not more than 5 to 6 cm wide to straighten your hair in one attempt.

    Straightening wet or damp hair

    Always dry your hair first before straightening your hair. Straightening wet or damp hair not only can damage your hair, but it will also not give you the best-desired results.

    Not applying enough pressure

    Another tip to get the best results from your hair straightener is to apply enough pressure. Make sure your hair is tightly pressed between the plates of your straightener.

    Moving the straightener too quickly

    Straightening requires a bit of patience. When sliding down the hair straightener, move it gently and slowly.
    If you are still not happy with the results of your Philips Hair Straightener then please contact us for further support.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HP4667/05 .

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