Saeco Xelsis Super-automatic espresso machine

15 Beverages, Latteduo system, Titanium Front, 12-step adjustable grinder SM7684/04


My Philips/Saeco espresso machine wastes coffee powder without brewing a cup

If your Philips/Saeco espresso machine throws away dry coffee powder without dispensing coffee, you can often mend it yourself. Find out how to resolve it.

When brewing a pre-ground coffee

Only use one stroked coffee spoon of pre-ground coffee with the provided coffee spoon.

  1. Restart the machine by switching it off and back on
  2. Select pre-ground coffee with the aroma strength button
  3. Add one stroked coffee spoon of pre-ground coffee
  4. Press the espresso button

In regular use

The brew group might be clogged, dirty or not well greased. This might keep it from moving into the right position to brew coffee.

Clean and grease the brew group

  1. Switch the machine OFF and wait until it stops producing sounds (this can take up to 15-20 seconds)
  2. Remove the brew group and rinse it with fresh water. Pay extra attention to the filter on the brew group
  3. Make sure the brew group is well greased, see video for instructions
  4. Place back the brew group, coffee grounds container, drip tray and close the service door
  5. Switch the machine back ON

Use the coffee oil remover tablet (CA6704) to thoroughly clean the brew group.

Rinse Brew group.gif
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Not enough coffee beans

After ginding coffee beans, there might not be enough coffee powder to brew a coffee. When the espresso machine measures a low amount of coffee in the brew group, it will throw away the coffee powder and prompt a message stating the coffee bean container is empty. Fill your coffee bean container and try again.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SM7684/04 , SM7685/04 , HD8924/47 , HD8927/47 , HD8911/47 , HD8917/47 , HD8869/47 , HD8759/47 , HD8771/93 , HD8645/57 , HD8645/47 , HD8758/57 , HD8967/47 , HD8767/47 , HD8745/57 , HD8855/47 , HD8964/47 , HD8773/47 , HD8966/47 , HD8765/47 , HD8857/47 , HD8772/47 , HD8775/48 , HD8852/47 , HD8750/47 , HD8954/47 , HD8751/47 , HD8753/87 , HD8752/87 , HD8930/06 , HD8930/47 , HD8930/13 , RI9753/47 , HD8930/01 , HD8856/47 , HD8946/47 , HD8944/47 , RI9913/47 , HD8745/47 , HD8833/47 , HD8836/47 , HD8837/47 , HD8838/47 , RI9946/47 , RI9752/47 , RI9755/47 , RI9757/47 , RI9724/47 , RI9837/05 , RI9833/47 , RI9828/47 , RI9822/47 , RI9752/48 , RI9837/01 , RI9944/04 , RI9944/01 , RI9737/20 , RI9737/21 , RI9754/47 . more less

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