Saeco Xelsis Super-automatic espresso machine

15 Beverages, Latteduo system, Titanium Front, 12-step adjustable grinder SM7684/04


My Philips Saeco drip tray fills up fast

There are many reasons why your Saeco espresso machine is filling up with water. Find out why and how to prevent it from overflowing.

Water during automatic rinsing cycle

During the automatic rinsing cycle of your Saeco espresso machine, water drips directly in the drip tray or through the coffee spout. Note that this rinse water will be slightly more after using the milk frother.

Tip: To prevent the drip tray from overflowing during the automatic rinsing cycle, place a cup under the coffee spout to collect and rinse water.

Rinse water after each brew

After brewing a beverage, a small amount of rinse water from the brew group drips directly into the drip tray. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal.

Prevent the drip tray from overflowing

If you do not empty the drip tray in time, the tray may overflow and water will leak from the bottom of your espresso machine.

This red floater will indicate when to empty and clean the drip tray. Empty your drip tray when the red floater pops up through the drip tray cover (see image below).

The information on this page applies to the following models: SM7684/04 , SM7685/04 , HD8911/48 , HD8917/48 , HD8924/47 , HD8927/47 , HD8911/47 , HD8917/47 , HD8869/47 , HD8759/47 , HD8771/93 , HD8645/57 , HD8645/47 , HD8758/57 , HD8967/47 , HD8767/47 , HD8745/57 , HD8855/47 , HD8964/47 , HD8773/47 , HD8966/47 , HD8765/47 , HD8857/47 , HD8772/47 , HD8775/48 , HD8852/47 , HD8750/47 , HD8954/47 , HD8751/47 , HD8753/87 , HD8752/87 , HD8930/06 , HD8930/47 , HD8930/13 , RI9753/47 , HD8930/01 , HD8856/47 , HD8946/47 , HD8944/47 , RI9913/47 , HD8745/47 , HD8833/47 , HD8836/47 , HD8837/47 , HD8838/47 , RI9946/47 , RI9752/47 , RI9755/47 , RI9757/47 , RI9724/47 , RI9837/05 , RI9833/47 , RI9828/47 , RI9822/47 , RI9752/48 , RI9837/01 , RI9944/04 , RI9944/01 , RI9737/20 , RI9737/21 , RI9754/47 . more less

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