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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace the cartridge of my Philips SmartClean system?

If you would like to find out when to replace the cleaning cartridge from your Philips SmartClean system for shavers, please read below.

How long does the Philips SmartClean cartridge last for

We recommend replacing the cleaning cartridge from you Philips SmartClean system when the arrow symbol on your device flashes orange or when you are no longer satisfied with its performance.

When used weekly the cartridge should last around three months. When used daily cartridge should last around one month.

If you see the orange replacement icon flashing on your SmartClean station but there is still some fluid left inside the cartridge, please still replace it. This level of fluid is insufficient for the SmartClean to perform effectively.

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How to replace the Philips SmartClean cartridge

To replace the Philips SmartClean cartridges please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Pull out the little compartment at the bottom of the SmartClean system.

  2. Take the SmartClean cartridge out and discard it.

  3. Get a new cartridge, peel its cover open from the top and place it back in the slot.

Your SmartClean system should now be ready to use with your Philips shaver.

Can I replace the solution inside the cartridge of my Philips SmartClean

The Philips SmartClean cartridge comes with a special cleaning fluid designed for this device.

Please do not try to refill the cartridge with a different kind of cleaning solution.

Which Philips SmartClean solution should I buy

You should buy the JC30X SmartClean solution, available on the Philips online shop.

Note: the last digit in the model number indicates the number of cartridges in the pack:

  • JC301: 1 Philips Cleaning cartridges.
  • JC302: 2 Philips Cleaning cartridges.
  • JC304: 4-pack Philips Cleaning cartridges
  • JC305: 5-pack Philips Cleaning cartridges.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S8950/90 , CP0253/01 , S5290/88 , S5370/84 , S9321/89 , S7720/84 , S7370/84 , S7720/85 , S7370/87 , CP9060/01 , S9311/84 , S9321/88 , S9531/84 , S9721/84 . more less

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