Avent Natural nipple

4 pieces, Newborn flow, 0m+ SCF651/43

Frequently Asked Questions

How bite resistant is the Philips Avent Natural nipple?

Philips Avent nipples 4 and 5 are especially designed for older babies. Find out how these nipples work for babies with teeth.

Sturdy silicone

The Natural nipple 4 and 5 are especially designed for use with older bottle fed babies (6 months and up) as it is made of a sturdier silicone that resists occasional biting. However product should not be used as a teether and always be checked by the parent for damages prior to each use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF651/43 , SCF657/43 , SCF655/43 , SCF654/43 , SCF653/43 , SCF652/43 , SCF651/23 , SCF652/23 , SCF653/23 , SCF654/23 , SCF655/23 , SCF657/23 . more less

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