Sonicare Essence+ Sonic electric toothbrush

1 mode, 1 brush head HX3211/23

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Philips Sonicare brush heads for my toothbrush?

Your brush heads are extremely important for the effectiveness of your Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush. Discover how it works.

Guaranteed performance

Philips can only guarantee performance through the Sonicare brand toothbrushes and heads which are tested through our strict clinical testing program. Therefore, it is recommended not to use brush heads other than Sonicare brand brush heads.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX3211/23 , HX3211/33 , HX3281/32 , HX3211/17 , HX3211/30 , HX3631/06 , HX3631/08 , HX3631/07 , HX3631/02 , HX3631/04 , HX3631/03 , HX5350/02 , HX5581/02 , HX4101/02 , HX5351/46 , HX5352/46 , HX4101/72 , HX3351/02 , HX3551/02 , HX3881/02 , HX3881/03 . more less

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