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    Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected Sonic electric toothbrush with app

    Personalized coaching, Smart brushing sensors, 3 modes, 3 intensities, 2 handles HX9192/30

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What/where is personalized coaching in the Sonicare app?

    The Philips Sonicare Flexcare connected electric toothbrush helps coach you into better brushing habits. Discover just how.

    Personalized coaching experience

    The Sonicare app collects data from both your toothbrush and/or from your manual entries on flossing, mouth rinse or tongue cleaning. So you can enjoy personalized coaching, feedback and guidance based on your own oral routine.

    Two features

    You can find the coaching messages in two features:

    1. During guided brushing, there are real-time messages that pop up when you press too hard with your toothbrush or are scrubbing too much. After brushing it will let you know which area you might have missed.
    2. The second feature is in the carousel of messages in the “Progress” tab. These include messages that help you improve your brushing technique based on your brushing data, and tips from dental professionals themselves on what is important for maintaining a optimal oral health routine.

    Educate yourself

    You will also find educational content that is related to your oral health profile and focus areas based on the information you filled out while setting up the app. All the content is specific for you and can be different from person to person depending on needs and results.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HX9192/30 , HX9194/53 , HX9194/54 , HX9193/05 , HX9192/01 , HX9192/02 , HX9193/03 , HX9193/04 , HX9194/08 . more less

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