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    Portable Media Center

    30GB* PMC7230/17


    Cannot set correct time on Philips PMC7230 media center

    The timer clock in your unit is NOT like a watch. The idea behind this clock is that timer recording, especially from TV, needs to start accurately and in sync with the television broadcast stations. Since it serves a special purpose (not telling time) it is called the “timer clock”. This accurate timing is achieved by using two pieces of data. One comes from you when you decide the (approximate) time based on the time zone you are in. The second piece of data is from a separate secure clock running by itself on the player which cannot be changed by anyone. This secure clock is set at the factory with the accurate reference time. When you modify your time on the “timer clock”, even if it is inaccurate (based on your time zone) the “timer clock” checks back with the secure clock and corrects itself automatically.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PMC7230/17 .

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