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    Portable MP3-CD Player



    My Philips CD player has no power

    If you use batteries, make sure that:

    • the batteries are installed correctly in the battery compartment; and
    • the batteries have not died out

    If you use the power supply, make sure that:

    • the DC plug is fully inserted into the player
    • the AC adapter is connected to the power outlet, with the power supply is switched on; and
    • the power outlet is live – try another power outlet, or contact an electrician

    The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP3481/07 , AX2411/07 , EXP3461/17 , EXP3481/17 , AX2411/17 , AX2412/17 , AX3311/07 , AX3312/07 , EXP3361/07 , EXP3361/17 , AX3311/17 , AX3312/17 , EXP7361/17 , AZT3202/17 , AX7201/17 . more less

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