Sonicare Breath care kit

1 breath analyzer, 1 tongue brush, 1 tongue spray HX8073/10

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Philips Sonicare Breath Care Breath Analyzer give me consistently good scores?

If you are doing a good job keeping your mouth clean, the Philips Sonicare Breath Analyzers rewards you for it.

What causes a good score?

The Philips Sonicare Breath Care Breath Analyzer does not measure odor caused by food and drinks, so your results might be steady even after eating and drinking. Consistent oral health care includes regular flossing, brushing for two minutes twice a day and dental visits. If you do this well, it might mean that your mouth is very clean. Genetics, diet, and overall health can also be the reasons for your good scores.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX8073/10 , HX8078/30 .

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