Surge protector

Smart surge protection, 6 outlets SPP3225WA/37


4 secondary outlets of Philips surge protector do not work

The 4 secondary outlets only work when there is a device connected to the master outlet and this device is switched ON.

Note: your main device (like TV or PC) must be connected to the master outlet.

The connected device to the master outlet must consume > 30 W continuously (any laptop or energy saving light bulb will not function).


The Philips Surge Protector detects when a connected device to the master outlet is switched both at ON and OFF.

The purpose of this master + secondary outlets is that if you switch on/off the master component, all other devices connected to the 4 secondary outlets are automatically switched on/shut down as well.

Low power devices connected the master outlet, consuming less than 30 W (continuously) might not be detected. As such the secondary outlets will not function.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPP3225WA/37 , SPP3224WA/37 , SPP3226WA/17 , SPP3225WB/17 , SPP3224WA/17 , SPP3225WA/17 , SPP4061I/17 , SPP4061I/37 . more less

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