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    Cinema 21:9 Gold Series Smart LED TV

    127 cm (50"), Ultra wide screen, Easy 3D 50PFL7956T/12


    Sometimes my Philips TV notifies me that my Club Philips registration is not complete. But I am sure I completed the Club Philips registration

    • Club Philips registration can be done directly on the TV and on the Philips website.

    • During registration on the TV, you will be required to fill in your email address. An email will then be sent to the email address provided.
      This mail contains a link to the registration website, where you are asked to fill in extra info like a home address etc.
      The TV will notify you that a Club Philips registration mail was sent and will remind you to respond to the mail every time you access Net TV, until you respond.

    • After you have completed the registration, the TV will remember your registered status.
      If, in rare cases, the registration request still pops up then just choose to do it “later”.
      You can check on the Philips website to see if your TV is registered. If it is, you can ignore the Net TV registration request by clicking “do not register”.
      You can also follow the registration procedure on the TV again: it does not matter if you register twice.

    • Until today, unregistered users have the same Net TV functionality as registered users.
      Registered users that allow Philips to send emails will receive product related information, including news, on the Net TV functionality.

    Tip: Wait until the TV has started up properly (± 1*2 min) and THEN push the Net TV button.
    This might prevent registration issues from popping up.

    Note: When you press “Clear Net TV Memory” in the Net TV options menu, it will erase all Net TV settings stored in the TV, including registration info.
    When you access Net TV after erasing the settings, it is normal for the TV to request that you register again.
    After clearing your Net TV Memory, your status will revert to that of a new, first time user.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 50PFL7956T/12 , 32PDL7906M/08 , 42PDL7906M/08 , 32PDL7906H/12 , 42PDL7906K/02 , 42PDL7906H/12 , 32PDL7906K/02 , 32PDL7906T/12 , 42PDL7906T/12 , 42PFL7675H/12 , 32PFL7675H/12 , 40PFL7605H/12 , 37PFL7605H/12 , 32PFL7605H/12 . more less

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