DVD recorder/VCR



No or distorted sound from my Philips player

  • Re-connect all connections securely

  • Check if the connecting cord is damaged

  • Check the connections to the amplifier input

  • Check if the input device setting on the amplifier is correct

  • When the unit is in pause mode or in slow-motion playback mode, sound is not output. This is not a malfunction

  • When the unit is in fast forward or fast reverse mode, sound is not output. This is not a malfunction.

  • If using the HDMI connection, sound is not output when “HDMI Audio” is set to “OFF”

  • Check the RCA audio cable connection. If you are using HDMI-DVI conversion cable, you must connect the RCA audio cable, too.

  • If HDMI connection is used, check whether the output format of this unit (HDMI FORMAT) matches the supported input format of the other connected device

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3545V/37 .

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