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    Portable MP3-CD Player

    MP3-CD playback EXP2546/17


    Wrong track playback order on my Philips player

    If your player has special playback modes such as “Repeat”, “Shuffle”, “Repeat all”, etc., deactivate these modes.

    Note: By default the MP3 tracks are played in alphabetical order.

    To make sure tracks are played in a certain order, make the filenames begin with numbers when you rip the tracks onto a CD-ROM. For example:

    • 001-ONEWORLD.MP3
    • 003-DEEP.MP3

    If you have a large number of music files on a CD-ROM, you can organize them in folders (albums). The tracks in an album would be played in alphabetical order.

    If you play a multi-session disc, note that when a new session is added in the disc, the original playback sequence of both the albums and tracks are changed. This is normal as playback of the first session will include the newly created albums and tracks.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2546/17 , EXP3482/17 , EXP3481/07 , EXP3461/17 , EXP3481/17 , EXP3361/07 , EXP3361/17 , EXP3362/17 , EXP7361/17 . more less

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