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    Prestigo Universal remote control

    Ultra touch 20 in 1 SRT9320/27


    My device does not respond to Philips Prestigo remote

    The problem can occur because of the following situations:

    Check that the buttons you press are available on the original remote control of the device.

    If buttons are missing, they can be added.
    For this, refer to chapter 4.7 'Reconfiguring buttons' or chapter 4.7.1'Adding buttons.'

    Wrong device selected in the Home screen.

    • Make sure the device you wish to operate is selected in the Home
      screen. For this refer to chapter 3.1 'Selecting devices.'

    Battery level too low.

    • Recharge the battery. For this refer to chapter 2.1 'Charging the battery.'
      When operating the device, point the remote control at the device and make sure that there are no obstructions between the remote control and the device.

    Battery lifetime came to an end (battery cannot be recharged anymore).

    • Replace the battery. For this refer to chapter 7.2.2 'Replacing the battery.'

    If all above solutions provided do not solve the problem, please chat with us online (at the upper right corner ), call our consumer support or contact your retailer.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SRT9320/27 .

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