Bluetooth stereo headset

On-ear, Black SHB4100WT/27


My Philips headphones beep 3 times

This indicates the internal battery is almost empty.

Please re-charge your device according the instructions in the manual.

While inserting the headphones, watch for the correct orientation of the connector tip.

Note: The “3 beeps” is not mentioned in the manual.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHB4100WT/27 , SHB7150FB/27 , SHB4100BK/27 , SHB9100RD/28 , SHB9100WT/28 , SHB4000/28 , SHB7000WT/28 , SHB7000/28 , SHB4000WT/28 , SHB4000/00 , SHB4000WT/00 , SHB7000/00 , SHB7000WT/00 , SHB9100RD/00 , SHB9100WT/00 , SHB9100/00 , SHB7100/27 , SHB9100/28 . more less