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    flat HDTV

    132 cm (52"), LCD, integrated digital 52PFL7422D/37


    I see a faint horizontal bar running the entire width of my Philips TV screen

    1. There is a faint horizontal bar running the entire width of the screen almost halfway from the bottom.
    2. Width of bar is approximately 15 mm.
    3. Bar appears on multiple inputs (component from DirecTv HD box and composite from DVD player).
    4. Inside this bar the picture seems to be slightly lighter than is should be.

    This can be solved with the latest software, here available on this site.

    You can use your update assistant to guide you.

    1. Press MENU on the remote control.
    2. Press Right.
    3. Press Down to select 'Software update' and press right.
    4. Press Right to select 'Update assistant' and press right again.
    5. Press OK to activate the 'Update assistant', how will guide you thru the software update.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 52PFL7422D/37 , 47PFL7422D/37 , 42PFL7422D/37 , 47PFL5432D/37 , 42PFL7432D/37 , 47PFL7432D/37 . more less

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