Cineos DVD/SACD home theater system



No sound from rear speakers in 6.1 audio surround mode

  • Check to see if the Blue Light on the Wireless Receiver Box is on.
  • Check to see if the AC Power Cord for the Wireless Receiver Box is connected.
  • Check to see if the unit is in Surround Sound Mode 6.1.
  • Check the ID Code of the unit: See the following procedure:
  • Press and hold ‘SURR’ button on the remote control (> 5 seconds) to change the ID.
  • This ID change is reflected on the sets display as ID1, ID2 or ID3.
  • Continue to change the ID until you see a blue light on top of the wireless receiver box.

*Explanation of ID code *

These units have 3 ID codes (ID1, ID2, and ID3) that are used to communicate from the main unit to the Wireless Receiver Box; the blue light indicates that you have communications to the wireless box. These are used in case there is another unit in the area. This will allow you to set them to different ID codes and will keep them from interfering with each other.

Explanation of Channels

There are three Channels that you can set the unit to. The purpose of these Channels is if you have local interference, you can change the channel to eliminate the interference.

Press and hold SOUND button on the remote control to change channel. The channel change is reflected on the units display as CH0, CH1 or CH2. The Channel setting will not affect the ability of the Main unit and the Wireless receiver Box to communicate. The Channel settings do not relate to or affect the ID Codes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS9800W/37 .

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