Sport audio player

256MB* PSA260/17


Cannot install my Philips PSA player

  1. Always install the software first before hooking up the player to your PC. Do this by inserting the installation CD into the CD ROM drive. The installation menu will appear automatically.

  2. On the installation menu, select your preferred language and product. The necessary applications will be installed by following the instructions on your PC.

  3. On the installation menu select INSTALL PHILIPS DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGER to start the installation of Philips DMM and select INSTALL MUSICMATCH SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR PSA PLAYER to install MUSICMATCH® JUKEBOX. Click YES on the screen to restart your computer when prompted, the software is now installed.

  4. Hook up your PSA player to the computer via the USB connector using the supplied USB cable.

  5. An application will launch and the unit will be recognized as a USB Mass Storage Class device and listed as REMOVABLE DISK in Windows Explorer automatically. You may now launch PHILIPS DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGER or MUSICMATCH® JUKEBOX and use the software to transfer your favorite music and enjoy them on your PSA player.

TIP: You may need to refresh Windows Explorer, in case the computer failed to detect your PSA player for the first time. Click on the View pull-down menu and select Refresh

In some cases during the installation of driver on Windows 98 SE, the Windows ADD NEW HARDWARE WIZARD may pop up. Please follow the instruction below to complete the installation.

  1. Click NEXT and follow the screen instructions to search for the best driver.

  2. Select the option SPECIFY A LOCATION and click on BROWSE to choose the path where you have installed the software. (The default location is c:\Program file\Philips\PSADMM\)

  3. Press NEXT and follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PSA260/17 .

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