Series 1000i Air Purifier

Reduces allergens, gases, odors, Captures 99.97% of particles, Connected app with allergen advice, Ideal for small to medium rooms AC1214/40

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other people pair to my Philips Air Purifier after me?

Find out here how multiple users in a same network can connect to the same Philips Air Purifier.

More than one user pairing after the first one

Once the first person connects, then your Philips Air Purifier will have stored the SSID and password of the desired network. It does not need to go through the Wi-Fi setup again, neither the same account name nor a different one.

Please, keep in mind that the others must connect to your already connected Air Purifier, the phone must connect to the same Wi-Fi router network which purifier connects to.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC1214/40 , AC1214/41 , AC1214/42 , AC2889/40 , AC2889/41 , AC2889/42 . more less

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