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    health app

    Measure key body metrics, Monitor progress and set goals, Motivated with daily insights APP101/01


    I can't download the Philips HealthSuite health app.

    If you're having issues downloading the Philips HealthSuite health app please check if your phone is compatible with our app.

    You can find the compatibility list on this page.

    If your phone is compatible go to the Apple store (for iOS phones) or the Google Play Store (for Android phones) to download the app. Search for 'Philips HealthSuite health app' to find the app in either store.

    If you can't find the app please check you spelling to make sure you don't have a typo. Once you have found it, click download to download the app.

    If you're still not able to download our app please contact our Consumer Care team on 1-844-531-6861 (free number). The phone number can be reached from Monday – Saturday 9am - 9pm EST and Sunday 9am - 6pm EST.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: APP101/01 .