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No successful connection to use the SmartSleep

If you cannot establish a successful connection to use your Philips SmartSleep , there might be a simple solution. Discover in the following lines how to mend it yourself.

The headband is not charged

Ensure that the headband is fully charged and powered on.

The SmartSleep Sensor is not placed properly

Check that the SmartSleep Sensor is placed on the bone behind the ear and that no hair is underneath it.

The forehead sensor band is not placed properly

Check that the forehead sensor band is placed across the middle of your forehead and that there is no hair underneath it.

Expert tips:
Place a dab of water on the middle of your forehead where the forehead sensor would be.
If it is placed correctly, there will be green light, no beeps.

The problem persists

If you need further assistance, please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1600/00 , HH1600/02 , HH1600/03 .

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