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    QP6530/70 Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Hybrid styler NEW
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    Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Hybrid styler


    When should I replace the blades of my Philips OneBlade?

    If you are wondering when should you replace the blade on your Philips OneBlade, the built-in replacement indicator provides a handy reference.

    Replacement indicator for OneBlade blades

    Your Philips OneBlade is equipped with a blade-wear indicator. 

    A green bar will gradually appear on the blade as you use it. When this bar is clearly visible, it is recommended to replace your blade for the best possible OneBlade experience. While the green bar is intended as an indication, you may wish to replace your blade sooner or later than indicated, depending on how satisfied you are with the performance of the blade.

    Always use original Philips replacement blades with your OneBlade.

    Depending on your usage behavior, the exact lifetime of your blade may vary. Similar to manual blades, your blade will become blunt over time, and this may result in reduced shaving performance and an increased hair pulling sensation during shaving and trimming. 

    Note: Accessories such as combs or guards may prevent the replacement indicator on your blade from working correctly. For peak optimal performance, we always recommend replacing your blade at least once every four months.

    To buy new blades for your Philips OneBlade, please visit our online shop .
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