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    SleepMapper App Helps measure and monitor sleep


    Frequently Asked Questions

    My Sleep Boost time and number of tones are zero

    If you wonder why your Sleep Boost time and number of tones are zero, please find here if we can answer your questions.

    My Sleep Boost time and number of tones are saying zero. Why would that be?

    First, check in your app controls that Sleep Boost is turned ON. The product will come turned on as default, but you may have turned it off to check your baseline metrics. If Sleep Boost is turned on, but tones and Sleep Boost time are both zero; then, check your other sleep metrics. Is it registering your total sleep time, wake time, etc.?

    If it is NOT registering your other metrics; then the headband may not be making a proper connection. See your troubleshooting guide for tips.

    If it IS registering your other metrics: you are likely not reaching the deep level of sleep necessary for the headband to function. The SmartSleep headband begins to generate the Sleep Boost when you have reached your deep sleep phase. This is also known as Slow Wave Activity (SWA). You may not be getting enough sleep to enable your body to go through its sleep cycles. It is also possible that you naturally are not reaching that deep level of sleep.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1600/00 , HH1600/02 , HH1600/03 .

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