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    Series 2200 Fully automatic espresso machines

    2 beverages, Classic Milk Frother, Matte black, Touch display EP2220/14


    My Philips LatteGo Milk Frother is leaking from the bottom

    Is your Philips LatteGo Milk Frother leaking from the bottom? Use these possible causes and solutions to solve the issue yourself.

    Transport clip is not removed

    Make sure that the transparent transport clip is removed from the bottom of your Philips LatteGo Milk Frother. The transport clip needs to be removed in order to use your milk frother.
    Remove transport clip Philips LatteGo

    Milk frother is not assembled correctly

    Milk can leak from the bottom if the two parts of the milk frother are not assembled correctly. Reassemble the two parts:
    1. Hook the black milk spout on top of the milk container. 
    2. Press the two parts together until you hear a **click**. You may need to use some force.
    3. Make sure that the two parts are correctly assembled at the bottom, as shown in the image below.

    If none of these steps solved the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
    How to assemble the Philips LatteGo Milk Frother

    Milk residue accumulated in the LatteGo

    The LatteGo may leak if milk residue builds up inside. In this case, do the following:

    1. Disassemble the LatteGo.
    2. Remove the milk residue by properly cleaning the two LatteGO parts under running water or in the dishwasher. 


    The information on this page applies to the following models: EP2220/14 , EP3221/44 , EP3246/74 .

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