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    Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Sonic electric toothbrush with app

    Personalized coaching, Smart brush head sensors, Smart brush head recognition, 5 modes, 3 intensities HX9957/38


    How do I sign up for the Philips Sonicare Brush Head reordering service?

    You can register and sign up for the Philips Sonicare Brush Head reordering service through the Sonicare App. Follow the steps below on how to do so.

    Instructions to register for the brush head reordering service

    1. Install the latest version of the Philips Sonicare App from the App Store or Google Play
    2. Connect your Philips Sonicare Toothbrush with the Philips Sonicare App
    3. Open the Philips Sonicare App
    4. Go to “My Brush Head” and select “brush head reordering service”. You will be redirected to Amazon
    5. Create an Amazon account or login if you already have an account
    6. Once logged in, you can select the Philips Sonicare Brush Head 2-pack you would like to receive
    7. Enter your 1-Click shipping and payment information. This payment information is only used for the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service
    8. After you confirm the shipping and payment information, select “Complete setup”

    Your brush head reordering service is now enabled. You will receive the selected brush head pack for each time the automatic order is placed.

    Payment method

    At this time, the Philips Sonicare Brush Head reordering service only accepts credit cards as the payment method.

    Gift cards, debit cards, and promotional codes cannot be used as a payment method for automatic replenishment orders.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HX9957/38 , HX9903/61 , HX9924/61 , HX9954/56 , HX9957/51 , HX9985/01 , HX9985/11 , HX9985/21 , HX9985/41 . more less

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