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    What are the brushing modes for the Sonicare 9900 Prestige?

    Updated on 2021-10-14
    The Sonicare 9900 Prestige comes a with Premium A3 brush head that provides all the cleaning, whitening and gum health benefits you need. You shouldn’t need to change the default all-in-one Clean mode, which provides the dentist recommended two-minute brushing routine, with a six-segment brush pacer.

    In case you would like to further customize it, you can do so easily in Sonicare app. There are five modes to choose between.

    Clean mode (default)
    Brushing time: 2 minutes
    This mode removes plaque with superior efficiency in a two-minute program.

    Deep Clean mode
    Brushing time: 3 minutes
    An extended version of the Clean mode, Deep Clean is the ideal choice for paying extra attention to trouble spots.   

    White+ mode

    Brushing time: 2 minutes 40 seconds
    Great for removing surface stains caused by things like coffee and tea. The extra 40 seconds let you focus on polishing your front teeth.

    Gum Health mode

    Brushing time: 3 minutes 20 seconds
    This mode adds extra time with reduced power designed to gently massage your gums for improved circulation and better gum health.

    Sensitive mode 

    Brushing time: 2 minutes
    This mode offers brushing with less powerful vibration which is easier on your teeth and gums.

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