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    How do I know when to change nipple flows?

    Watch for your baby’s cues to check if you need to change the nipple.

    You might need a higher nipple flow if you see your baby struggling to get milk out, or playing with the nipple. On the other hand, if you notice milk leaking from your baby’s mouth, or fast gulps, it could be a sign they need a lower nipple flow. The Natural Response Nipple is available in nipple flows 1 to 5.

    As long as your baby is calm and comfortable while feeding, there’s no need to change the flow rate. You don’t need to step up the flow based on age, as baby cues are the best way to tell when your baby is ready for a higher flow rate.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCY903/93 , SCD837/01 , SCY965/04 , SCY965/02 , SCY964/04 , SCY964/02 , SCY963/04 , SCY963/02 , SCY962/04 , SCY962/02 , SCY961/04 , SCY913/04 , SCY913/03 , SCY913/01 , SCY910/04 , SCY910/03 , SCY910/01 , SCY906/93 , SCY906/04 , SCY906/03 , SCY906/02 , SCY903/94 , SCY903/91 , SCY903/84 , SCY903/65 , SCY903/64 , SCY903/63 , SCY903/61 , SCY903/44 , SCY903/34 , SCY903/24 , SCY903/23 , SCY903/14 , SCY903/13 , SCY903/04 , SCY903/03 , SCY903/02 , SCY903/01 , SCY900/93 , SCY900/91 , SCY900/24 , SCY900/23 , SCY900/13 , SCY900/04 , SCY900/03 , SCY900/02 , SCD837/02 , SCD837/03 , SCD838/02 , SCD838/03 , SCD838/04 , SCD838/05 , SCD839/01 , SCD839/02 , SCD858/01 , SCY900/14 , SCY961/02 , SCY900/01 , SCY903/62 , SCY900/00 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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